The Hangover Song

The Hangover Song

The chords are kinda stupid in this one because there isn't really a chorus, so just get super hungover and it'll make sense


Verse (sorta)

She said that she'd leave me
If I stayed out drunk all night
Then I did that thing I do where
I stay out drunk all night
Its not that I don't love her
But I don't wanna fight
She told me don't come home drunk
So I stayed out drunk all night

Chorus (sorta)
I hope she doesnt
mean it when she
G                     B              C
said its my final warning
I guess I'll have to fix this
In the morning

Its a goddamned Tuesday night and tomorrows gonna hurt
Because in a couple hours
I have to be at work
I should drink some water
Try to sober up
We both know thats not happening so pour booze in my cup

Pills for pain
Free base cocaine
And this liquor that I am pouring
How the fuck will I get to work
In the morning

If youre wondering where this story goes
Let me quell your fascination
I wake up with a ticket for
Public intoxication
Thank god for Kentucky gun laws
Protect us liars, us rebels and cheaters
Cause a first offense with a concealed deadly weapon's just a class A misdemeanor

Though I'm thankful for that cop
who let me
off the hook with a warning
So I don't wake up in jail
In the morning

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  • Jim Hall
    Jim Hall
    I am learning this for Turtle Jacks. Be prepared lol

    I am learning this for Turtle Jacks. Be prepared lol

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