Swan Song (Life Is Such A Joke)

Swan Song



G B B7 C D D7


G B Em D

Well, my daddy was a rambler though my mom was never sure

She always spoke high of my father, didn't know if I was hers

So I knew a mothers love so conditional and pure

Yeah, she raised to little boys although my brother was a girl



I'm just an ugly baby swan while all you ducks are in a row

I'd pay to fix myself, but I find that I'm too broke

While I'm rollin cigarettes I know I'll never smoke

I'm laughin to myself cause my life,

Life is such a joke (x4)


You'd better call Eileen, cause I'm stayin' up til dawn,

I'll take dying like a king, over living like a pawn,

So wherever my feet take me, is where I'm bound to go

I won't go to the docks and so I'll never miss the boat


Repeat chorus

Beer shower, talk to wonderful people in audience while you try to remember how the next verse starts


The sun comes up again, and I'm still lookin to score,

The only dollar that I have is rolled up from the night before

I never speak the truth and every word I says a lie,

I only drink to numb the pain of an empty worthless life


Repeat chorus



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