C Am F C G

Well, I’m not goin’, anywhere fast
But that’s all right with me
Cause I’m saving on the gas
I’ll tell you what my friends, I got
Twenty dollars cash
An if things go alright than we can dip into my stash
We can go to the bar where everybody knows are names
Smoke and joke with friends or just
Drink away our pain
A place where you can be yourself
And never have to explain
How you got to where you was or how you lost the game


To my homies, in the bar rooms
To our brothers across the land
And to our friends in the dirt, that we miss like hell
We will never see again
So have a seat, lets have a drink,
To all the things we lack
Cause we’re all in this together now
And we got each others backs
I got your back

Basic bitches and ratchet girls,
Emotional train wrecks
And those cool chicks too that we all adore that, everybody respects
So be a bro, don’t start no shit,
Its our only rule
And if you get knocked out for running your mouth
Its your fault for actin the fool


Sometime I drink too much to stand and
Throw up in a garbage can
But you will never see me crawl
Cause my friends they will carry me
And get me where I need to be
And that’s why I fucking love you all
I love you all

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