Happy (Why We Can't Just Be Friends)

Happy (Why We Can't Just Be Friends)


Verse 1

               G                                          Em

Like a heart, that's been scratched into a brick

                                                  D                            Em

That's been thrown through a window, you are broken glass and


I was good intention

G                                        Em

Beating ploughshares into swords


Wrap my thoughts around these chords


I'm not what you're looking for


I'm not what you're looking for


Em D C



                               G                                 D                                   Em                                C

I hope that you're happy, even if its without me, not everythings about me, despite the way I been

                                      G                              D                                       Em                                C

And I hope that he loves you, half as much as I do, the only thing that's still true, its what you deserve


Its what you deserve



Verse 2

Like a key, that only works from the inside

In a house that's been destroyed,

I would let you in and, you will find no shelter

Hide emotion in the rain

There are things that never change

And I will always be the same,

I will always be the same


Repeat Chorus

Think about an ex girlfriend you've wronged


That last part

           G                         D            Em                C

Yeah, love is born in the heart, and it dies, in the brain

           G                     D            Em                     C

I've known it from the start, I will only, bring you pain


I wll only bring you pain





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