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Turtle Jack's Country Campout

Turtle Jacks Country Campout, Greenville,, OH


Crooked Smile Fall Fest

Crooked Smile Fall Fest, Winchester, Indiana


Old Time Pirate Farm Fest

Old Time Pirate Farm Fest, Tielt-Winge, Belgium

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The Hangover Song 

The Hangover Song

The chords are kinda stupid in this one because there isn't really a chorus, so just get super hungover and it'll make sense


Verse (sorta)

She said that she'd leave me
If I stayed out drunk all night
Then I did that thing I do where
I stay out drunk all night
Its not that I don't love her
But I don't wanna fight
She told me don't come home drunk
So I stayed out drunk all night

Chorus (sorta)
I hope she doesnt
mean it when she
G                     B              C

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Swan Song (Life Is Such A Joke) 

Swan Song



G B B7 C D D7


G B Em D

Well, my daddy was a rambler though my mom was never sure

She always spoke high of my father, didn't know if I was hers

So I knew a mothers love so conditional and pure

Yeah, she raised to little boys although my brother was a girl



I'm just an ugly baby swan while all you ducks are in a row

I'd pay to fix myself, but I find that I'm too broke

While I'm rollin cigarettes I know I'll never smoke

I'm laughin to myself cause my life,

Life is such a…

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Don't Tell Me I'm Sick (DTMIS) 

Don't Tell Me I'm Sick

Em C G D

Thats a cool purple heart
Man, thank you for your service
Now go fuck yourself
I did nothing to deserve this
Cept  be to goddamned close to a roadside bomb
So peace back at you
Wa alaykumasalam

Now sometimes I got a limp sometimes I got a stutter
I hear a loud noise
And I wanna duck for cover
I can't sleep at night
without seven medications
I tried to get help but got bullshit and frustration

So don't tell me I'm sick
I already know, I already know

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Welcome Home 

Welcome Home


G Am C D

Welcome to the 40RTY show

I spit the truth and I play banjo

I drink too much, before I play

Then I drink too much, when I'm on stage

But that's okay, because I play folk punk

And all my songs are in the key of drunk

So don't you worry 'bout a thing, Welcome home



Am D G



Welcome to this pals that I call home

Its a place where no one has to feel alone

There nothing in my life that I treasure

So much as the time we get to spend together


Now you be…

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G Em
C G Em G

You found me that night you said
You come to see the show
You asked me for a cigarette I said that I don't smoke
But we hung out anyways
And you laughed at all my jokes
And theres nonuse pretending
We don't know where this goes

The house lights come on
And this place is closing down
Its a seven hour drive tomorrow
To another town
I need to sober up, but you buy another round
So I guess I just appreciate the company I've found


C Em

Oh, how I wish that I met you

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Rollin' Down The Road 

Rollin Down The Road


Rollin down the road
Me and my banjo
And those hound dogs with me in the cab
Rollin down The road
No matter where we go
No there's not a thing that makes me feel bad

Fancy bottle of whisky
A pretty girl to miss me
All these things I can't afford to have
But I'm still doin fine
Drinkin dirt cheap barley wine
Yeah, I can't say that I'm doin all that bad

I'm rollin down the road
Me and my banjo
And those hound dogs with me in the cab
Rollin down The road

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Better and Better 

Better and Better

(In the key of lying to your mom)



Bm D Bm D

Bm D  A   A

Bm D Bm D

Bm D  A   F#




Everything's okay, I'm takin' all my meds

I don't here or see these things that are only in my head

The burdens of the world feel, lighter than a feather

And every single day gets better and better now



Bm D A  A7 A

Bm D A  A   A

Bm D A A7 A

Bm D A F#


It's better now

I'm better now

It's better now



Nothins ever wrong all my problems are over

I feel good everyday cause I'm…

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Happy (Why We Can't Just Be Friends) 

Happy (Why We Can't Just Be Friends)


Verse 1

               G                                          Em

Like a heart, that's been scratched into a brick

                                                  D                            Em

That's been thrown through a window, you are broken glass and


I was good intention

G                                        Em

Beating ploughshares into swords


Wrap my thoughts around these…

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Dm C A A# Dm


She's a shark
She's a shark and I am the prey
No matter how far away
My blood brings her closer to me
Her name
Her name is to kill
And god, I know she will
Cause without her I'll die

F C Dm
Without her I'll die x2

She's a cancer
Not a cancer you read in the stars
She's a cancer that blackens your heart
She'll rip it out and leave it bleeding on the ground
She's a poison
She's a poison, in the air I breathe
She's a poison in the air I need
Cause without her I'll die

F C…

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C Am F C G

Well, I’m not goin’, anywhere fast
But that’s all right with me
Cause I’m saving on the gas
I’ll tell you what my friends, I got
Twenty dollars cash
An if things go alright than we can dip into my stash
We can go to the bar where everybody knows are names
Smoke and joke with friends or just
Drink away our pain
A place where you can be yourself
And never have to explain
How you got to where you was or how you lost the game


To my homies, in the bar rooms
To our brothers across the…

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