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Turtle Jack's Country Campout

Turtle Jacks Country Campout, Greenville,, OH


Crooked Smile Fall Fest

Crooked Smile Fall Fest, Winchester, Indiana


Old Time Pirate Farm Fest

Old Time Pirate Farm Fest, Tielt-Winge, Belgium

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40RTY, (pronounced, ˈfɔrti ) is a barefoot, beer soaked, outlaw folk punk singer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Combining traditional American clawhammer banjo with the defiance, abrasiveness and high-energy of modern punk rock, 40RTY takes no prisoners, as he holds audiences captive with his often paradoxical, yet deeply personal lyrics and intense banjo riffs. If music is the canvas on which a musician paints a picture, 40RTY's music is a cracked mirror, where he shares his own reflections and stories from a life of struggle that has known: love, war, pain and friendship, all from under the boot of working class mediocrity.